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More Economical Palm Shell of Solar Oil and Coal

More Economical Palm Shell of Solar Oil and Coal.

"The use of shells as a substitute for diesel fuel oil or coal is one right step for efficiency, because it can cut costs and reduce the cost of approximately Rp.480 million per month. So, if accumulated in one year can save the cost of more than Rp 5 billion."
Budi Santoso - PTPN

"We could save money for the purchase of diesel prices by Rp1, 1 billion per year to the count for the purchase of diesel fuel that the company needs it as much as Rp1, 5 billion in reduced operating costs for the use of shells of Rp. 400 million."
Goval - Project Integration Manager. Lonsum "

"Since using palm shell, we managed to obtain the efficiency of spending about USD 22 billion, as from 2006 till now!"
Alan Sukarlan - Consultants in Plantation Companies

Palm shell advantages in comparison with coal?

Excess body shell is a shell of palm oil compared to coal more friendly for the environment and people around. Coal contains elemental sulfur and nitrogen so that the exhaust steam from the boiler will damage the health of local people, particularly employees and yourself. Moreover, the savings from the cost of production will be the company you get. Evident from one of the users of fuel oil shell, PTPN save up to 22 billion from 2006 s / d 2009 using palm shell. Calories produced from palm shell was only slightly lower compared adrift coal, oil shell from 4.000 to 4.500 5.500 kal kal vs coal, the difference is only about 1,000 calories. When compared with the use of diesel fuel (calories with s / d 11,000) coal was different to 6.000 calories with diesel fuel. So the difference in calories palm shells to coal is not so much different, and of course the price per ton of palm shells are still far below the price of coal.

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We Supply Quality Organic Rice

As an agricultural country, Indonesia is renowned as one of the largest rice producing country in the world. With agricultural land in Java is capable of producing various types of rice with varying quality and price. Process technology in addition to organic produce and healthy rice free of chemicals, will also keep the soil structure and fertility, so that the productivity of agricultural land will remain intact.

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We Supply Palm Kernel Shells

Palm shell is a byproduct of Crude Palm Oil that is widely used by industry as a fuel substitute for coal. Not only that, this palm shell has an advantage over other industrial fuel, which is more friendly to the environment, and does not pollute the environment so that people around the industry free of acute respiratory tract infections. On this website, you will be introduced to more information about the uses and advantages palm shells as a natural substance that has many benefits for various industries and of course with lower costs.

The Palm Oil Plant (Elais Guinensis) has three different varieties, namely Dura, Pesiphera and Tenera, and produces edible fruit similar to apricots. During the process of crude palm oil, fruit flesh melted by heating to a temperature of 90 ° C. Meat that has been softened forced to part with the core and shell by pressing the hollow cylinder engine. The remaining pieces of fruit further crushed mechanically extracted in order to obtain seed or kernel. Meat core and shell are separated by heating and pressing techniques. After that flowed into the mud so that
the remaining shells will fall to the bottom mud.

Skin or shell that has been destroyed is called Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) or palm shell, a pure biomass with high calorific value (4000-4600 abt typical NCVAR Kcal / kg - ASTM D5865 - 02). Palm Kernel Shells or shell palm has a level of ash content is very low and the sulfur content as follows:
• ash content (typically weighing abt 3%)
• Content of sulfur (usually by weight abt 0.09%)

Palm Kernel Shells is a natural grain and high-grade solid fuel which can be renewed for combustion, either together with the steam coal or biomass burned in power plants, which are usually mixed with other levels of biomass, such as pieces of wood.

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